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What it’s like joining the team

Grow professionally and personally

We will work together, create together and grow together. We are a tribe that wants the best for each other. Individual growth is at our core. We are accountable for ourselves and for each other. It will higher the bar and make all of us better.

We will be Spartans. we will respect each other, be honest to each other and lift each other up. Everyone in our team is a leader, so we are responsible for our team members and for ourselves. Holding the team accountable for what we do is a priority.

We will accomplish our vision. We will be one unit, working as a problem-solving oriented team. Teamwork is at the heart of our achievement. We have an idea meritocracy where we have thoughtful discussions often, leading to the best ideas winning. Everyone gets treated the same. Positions don’t matter, logic does. Our collaboration is multiplication.

Change the lives of thousands

The success of our members is our success. It’s our mission to make them thrive. We want entrepreneurs to excel with their business and their life. We will do this by constantly exceeding their expectations and focusing on supreme value.

We will think long-term, and start with the end result for our members in mind. We will put more wood behind fewer arrows, pointing at one thing: their success.

Focus on the user and all else will follow, as Google stated wisely. We focus on the impact that our products have for the businesses and lives of the entrepreneurs that use Boloo. This will always be our end result. Working software that brings value to our members is our primary measure of progress. We know that their results will be directly reflected in our results.

Perks and benefits

💰 Competitive salary: Our salary formula adjusts to your cost of living and experience.

💻You get a new Macbook Pro from Boloo so you can work optimally.

🧰Every Boloo team member gets the optimal tools to grow individually. 

📚You get a free subscription on Blinkist. Blinkist gives you the bullet points of the best books on diverse subjects. Growing individually starts with the best education. 

💪Boloo takes care of your local gym membership. Being healthy is essential for happiness and mental clarity. We want everyone to be in their prime-state 

👕You get the dopest (and exclusive) Boloo gear so you always look fresh. Perfect for a work-sprint or a lovely date. 

📖You get a new Kindle with 2 Kindle books for free each month. You can learn about subjects where you want to develop yourself. 

💊You get the optimal supplements each month to perform at your best. They enhance your focus and boost your health. We can help with picking the supplements that are optimal for you if you want to. 

👓 ‘Growth mindset’ fund: Extra money for learning and development.

⛺️ Minimum vacation: At least 3 weeks/year!

✈️ Retreats: Join us for company get-togethers once per year!

Our hiring process

Step 1: Apply2020-01-09T18:31:40+01:00

Let us know how your experience and achievements align with the job description and why we’re a great match! Know that the average time-to-hire at Boloo is three weeks.

Step 2: Review2020-01-09T18:32:09+01:00

Real humans (us!) will read your application. We’ll email you as soon as possible if you match what we’re looking for to set up an interview.

Step 3: Intro call2020-01-09T18:32:41+01:00

First, one of our recruiters will want to get to know you — who you are, what motivates you, and where you see yourself in the future. If there’s mutual alignment, we’ll set you up to interview with the hiring manager, who will want to discuss your skills and experiences. Let them know what you’ll bring to the team!

Step 4: Assessment2020-01-09T18:33:41+01:00

Every applicant will complete a take-home challenge. A take-home challenge allows us to get a real feel for the type of work you’ll produce on the job, your communication style, and insight into your thought process.

Step 5: Technical call2020-01-09T18:34:44+01:00

If you have been selected from the assessment round, you will get a call from the respective team lead, where he will understand your skills in depth.

Step 6: Founder round2020-01-09T18:35:32+01:00

Discussion with both the founders of the company. This round helps us evaluate how we both can mutually benefit each other.

Step 7: Offer2020-01-09T18:35:57+01:00

We do our best to make hiring decisions within 24 hours of a final interview. If you’re selected, and you feel a mutual fit, your recruiter will walk through the offer and finalize details with you. Welcome to the Boloo family!